“The event was an absolute delight and a perfect mix of art and adventure films. Get yourself there next year if you can.” - Hannah Maia, Director, My Big White Thighs and Me

“Thank you @feminista_filmfest for firing a much needed spark of inspiration in me on a rare night out. It was such a treat to watch 11 short films, about women, at the festival. I feel I’ve come away with something to chew over for a long time.” - Anna Kessel, The Guardian

”I was moved and inspired by the stories of strength, dedication, skill and perseverance against long odds in film after film about female swimmers, skiers, rock climbers, cyclists, painters, sculptors, singers, dancers and more. I hope they take the program on tour and make this an annual event!”  - Gywneth Leech, Featured Artist in The Monolith

“The Feminista Film Festival was a huge success. The hospitality was amazing they showed us so much love and Her Move Next won “The Viewers Choice Award”! So proud to coach these young ladies. Thanks again for everything @feminista_filmfest! This was definitely an experience of a lifetime!” - Coach Angel Lopez, Her Move Next

“In just it's first year Feminista put on a really fantastic programme of inspiring and influential films at a wonderful venue. We're really looking forward to being there again next year!” - Danielle Sellwood, Four Years


Bored of history? Get to know herstory instead at the Feminista Film Festival where there'll be screening 39 short and feature length films about inspirational female role models from the world of sports and arts. There'll also be Q&As with Lauren Cuthbertson, principal dancer with The Royal Ballet, Jessica Pearson director of ‘Beyond the Highest Peak’ which follows Mollie Hughes, the youngest woman in the world to summit Everest from both the North and South routes, and a chance to meet the London Roller Girls at a screening of ‘Roller Girls Revolution’. 


Celebrate the grit, determination and physical prowess of female athletes and artists at this documentary film festival. Fly through the Alaskan wilderness, cycle up the Himalayas, and go beyond the world's highest peak with inspirational women from the world over. The Tabernacle (Notting Hill), £17, book ahead, 28-30 September


2-Page spread, 5 photographs: “The Feminista Film Festival celebrates a fab diversity of female artists and athletes via a mighty 39 docs in just three days.”